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Line components and auxiliary machinery

The widest range of turnkey solutions for your decoration needs.

  • Vitro-Wash

    A washing machine developed for perfect glass cleaning prior to printing.

    • Component designed with three separate washing zones and equipped with special high-density brushes also suitable for low-E glass.
    • Provided with drying and curing section with height- and tilt-adjustable air, completely encased in acoustical insulation.
    • Roller transport system.
  • Vitro-Clima

    Clean-room specially designed for the needs of the digital printing process.

    A real, sterile clean-room, essential to creating contaminant-free working conditions, like dust-free air, indispensable for superior quality print results.

    Custom-designed to meet client needs and perfectly integrated with the features of the production plant in which it will be placed, with special insulating panels, constant control of relative humidity and temperature and a ventilation system with state-of-the-art dust filters, the Tecglass clean-room is a high-tech solution designed to optimize the printing process.

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    Vitro-HIT / HST

    IR and hot air combined for excellent drying of digital ceramic inks.

    Infrared dryer with hot air system to cure ink prior to tempering. This means the ink adheres perfectly to the glass and the print is not subject to damage from external agents.

    Technical details:

    • Hot air volume = very high
    • Hot air temperature: 120°C
    • Infrared MW 40%
  • Vitro-M’s

    Tilting and transport tables for the digital printing line.

    Transport and lifting table, its location is based on needs along the production line. Especially suited to lifting and transporting large-sized glass sheets.

    Technical details:

    • Hydraulic dual-cylinder tilting.
    • Electrical fittings and pneumatic couplings.
    • Automatic glass control for perfect position of the glass and proper handling of the glass on the line.
    • Max. glass thickness: from 2.0 mm to 19.0 mm.
    • Table length: 4,500 mm.
    • Table width: 2,500 mm.
  • Vitro-Roll

    Roller coating machine designed for perfect finishing and integration into a complete printing line.

    Allows micrometric adjustment of the quantity of product or paint applied to the glass by acting on rotation speed of the doctor roll.

    One more tool to optimize production versatility and meet every customer need.

  • Vitro Scan

    Quickly and automatically scans the glass panel to detect shape, positioning and thickness.

    An actual glass sheet scanner, Vitro Scan is positioned on the machine, ahead of the printing arm. It quickly and automatically scans the glass panel to detect the orientation, positioning, thickness and dimensions of the glass (valuable information that is acquired before the printing process is initiated) to then produce a job that is perfect, to the millimeter.

    It is particularly handy for irregularly shaped glass sheets, because it significantly reduces the possibility of error in setting up the print operation. Vitro Scan is equally useful for more regular-shaped glass because it can automatically compensate for production tolerances, making ink application even more efficient and precise, while enhancing the quality of the end result.


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