The Best Proteolytic Enzyme Detergent for Manual and Ultrsonic Cleaning

Alconox just published this really great video explaining Tergazyme and how it works:

Tergazyme is one of the more popular products manufactured by Alconox that we sell, and there’s good reason for this. This product fills an important niche. First, it’s FDA and USDA Authorized. This is important, because consumers need to know that the ingredients of this product are not harmful for it’s intended use.

The magical aspect of Tergazyme is in the science behind the solution it provides. Tergazyme uses protease enzymes to break down tissue, blood, body fluids, and other organic compounds. Common uses are for cleaning soil, grit, grime, blood, tissue, grease, fats, oils, proteinaceous, soils, dairy proteins, particulates, solvents and bioreactor residue from medical and lab equipment and a variety of surface types.

This product can be used for manual cleaning with a brush or sponge, as well as ultrasonic cleaning. It is very concentrated also, with a 1:100 dilution ration – so a 4 lbs box should make around 400 lbs of cleaning solution.

As with all Alconox products, Tergazyme is free rinsing – so it will provide reliable results with no interfering residues, making it especially useful for passing cleaning validation tests for lab accreditation and plant inspection approval.

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